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I’m a passionate follower of Jesus, and I find joy and purpose in inspiring others with my story and struggles. I’m rooted in faith, and my life’s journey so far has included many twists and turns in being a former lingerie model, living the fast life in Hollywood, and then giving my life for God when I thought all hope was lost. And then Jesus came in and rescued me when I was at my lowest. He redeemed and renewed me and gave me a new life.

I thought that was my full testimony, but then in a huge turn of events at only 37 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I’ve been trusting in God through this challenging time and remaining hopeful and encouraged. I’m thankful the treatments are working for me and I am currently in chemotherapy and immunotherapy in Dallas.


It all started when… I moved to LA from my small town in Oregon at 16 to pursue modeling full time. 

It seemed glamorous at first but I quickly got swept up in the fast lane in Hollywood. I was partying in clubs and dating celebrities, posing in lingerie and swimwear, all while I was still underage. My modeling agent always wanted me to be thinner, and photographers were extremely predatory.

After I worked on a Victoria's Secret commercial which at first I thought was a dream come true, I realized I wanted out and I hit rock bottom. I didn’t know where to turn, until I came across the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren and it changed my life. I realized that my purpose could be as a woman of God, and my life transformed for the better after I gave my life to Jesus. Now looking back I see how God was weaving my story and bringing me closer to Him.

I believe every obstacle we may face in our lives is an opportunity for growth and a testament to the power of faith. Through my platforms, my aim is to encourage others and spread hope, and I believe every single person is so loved and put on this earth for a big purpose. 

Want in on the story? 

"One day you’ll realize that God was putting it all together the whole time.”

Nicole Weider

“I wanted to be just like you growing up, I followed you on MySpace. You linked like you had the perfect life, modeling for huge magazines and billboards. Then I started modeling and was only booked for men's magazines, lingerie, bikini, Maxim and always had me wearing revealing outfits. I would see myself on book covers, magazines in stores, but it wasn't fulfilling as it was only empty money. Thank you for sharing your story, for a lot of girls who modeled like this."


"Nicole, you are always so inspiring! You helped me as a teenage girl believe God has the best man out there for me!" 

Brenna Bitz

"I love your testimony! You are so inspiring to girls like me, who dream really big dreams!" 

Lexi VanDeHey

"Your testimony is so powerful. And you share it so boldly! I am inspired by you and your faith journey."

Moriah Ray

"Thank you for being so transparent, Nicole. Your heart for people is so pure and loving, I deeply appreciate all you do for the world. I love your heart for people and I'm so glad God blessed you with a fairytale story."

Mary Berhe

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