About Nicole Weider

Nicole Weider is an accomplished actor, producer and entrepreneur.

After her move to Los Angeles, Nicole quickly found success as a fashion model and appeared in ads for Maxim, Victoria’s Secret, and others. She built upon that foundation, and continues to shine in front of and behind the camera.

Last year, she appeared as Becky in 2018’s sleeper hit Bigger, starring Julianne Hough and Kevin Durand.

2019 has been a busy year for Nicole. She landed her first production credit for Catching Faith 2, the family-friendly drama in which she also appears as wedding planner Clara Conover.

Later this year, she’ll add an executive producer credit and a lead role alongside Denise Richards and John Schnieder in Switched, a faith-based teenage drama that examines the modern issues of cyber-bullying, social media and peer pressure.

Nicole continues to perfect her craft and pursue roles that allow her to authentically showcase her light-hearted, funny vibe.

She currently lives in Beverly Hills, CA with her husband, Eric, and her son, Elijah.


Project Inspired is a vibrant community of girls, young ladies and successful women. Founded and launched by producer, actress, model and author Nicole Weider, Project Inspired is a safe place to find clear, inspiring and positive messages of hope, victory and promise in a culture where it can sometimes be tough to navigate relationships, Christian-living and social media.

Faith, Fashion and Fulfillment

Nicole sits down with the 700 Club to talk all things Project Inspired.


  • "Before you act, start with prayer. Your decisions will become clear and God will guide you on what to do."

  • "Loving God changes how we love one another."

  • "Following God's lead will always take you in the right direction."

  • "God will prepare you first before your prayer is answered. Trust His timing."

  • "God is behind the scenes always working things out for your good. Trust Him."

  • "You could be the blessing someone else is praying for. Allow God to work through you so you can be."

  • "God doesn't consult your past to determine your future."

  • "God chose to make you. You are one of a kind."

  • "Don't be afraid of saying big prayers. We serve a God who created the entire universe with a sentence."


Media Relations

Nicole Weider is represented by EPIC. If you’re interested in booking interviews or press coverage, please reach out to the contacts below. Thank you!

Jennifer Willingham

Jeff Roman

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Nicole loves to hear from her fans! You can email her directly at While she can’t reply to every email, she does read messages sent to that inbox.

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